Little Bird Productions is a home based art and photography studio run by Amanda Girvan. Though the business aspect had begun not even a year ago, Amanda has been working on developing her talents for many years. With formal training in fine arts from the time she was 12 right up to the present date, Amanda has gained abilities in drafting photo-realistic portraits with graphite, rich and detailed landscapes and animal portraits done in pencil crayon, and recently she has begun experimenting with new media (such as charcoal, conte and oil paints) as well as new subject matter (including abstract and surrealistic elements) and has been quite successful in those experimental pieces. Amanda also has two courses in black and white photography under her belt, and continues to practice and further improve her talents as a photographer. The courses in photography taught her the basics both inside and out of a darkroom, as well as experience with different film speeds and types. Though she enjoys digital photography, her first love is still her manual SLR Minolta and the look of good old-fashioned photography, especially black and white photography!

The name "Little Bird Productions" comes from a childhood nickname that Amanda's Grandfather had given her. In these early years, whenever Amanda was with her Grandparents she was "Little Bird" and her Grandmother was "Big Bird". Following the death of her Grandmother in early 1992, Amanda's Grandfather began to phase out the "Little Bird" nickname since there was no longer any other "Bird" for him to refer to. Many other nicknames came and went over the years, but "Little Bird" was the one Amanda always remembered as it was tied to both her Grandparents and a time when her Grandmother was still alive. Then in August 2004 her Grandfather, who in January had been diagnosed with terminal cancer was brought to the hospital to spend the rest of his days. Since both had always been deeply spiritual, Amanda had proposed they come up with a couple of official "signs" for him to give her to let her know that he he had made it safely to the other side. In the days and weeks following his death at the end of August, there were many signs, but not the official ones they had agreed on. It wasn't until the early days of 2005 that she received both signs within a day of each other. The second sign she received was the childhood nickname that everyone but the two of them had long since forgotten. The first time Amanda used the name "Little Bird Productions" on any of her work was on a tribute music video she made about her and her Grandfather using The Sims 2 movie-making technology.

Located in Peterborough Canada, the aim of Little Bird Productions is to provide quality artwork and photography at an affordable price. To reach Amanda to discuss her prices, e-mail her at:

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