Little Bird Productions is a home-based art and photography studio run by a young Canadian artist, Amanda Girvan.

Everyone deserves quality artwork to decorate their home, and everyone should have beautiful and natural looking photographs of their loved ones. However, most often costs prevents people from having such items. Amanda is determined to provide these things at very affordable costs!

Take a look around at samples of Amanda's work, there's a lot of work up already and there will always be more being added. Available for Commission, Amanda can design original pieces to your requests. If you live at a distance, or if the person (or creature) you want a portrait of isn't available for a sitting, Amanda is capable of working from an existing photograph. Amanda is also available for photographing you or your loved ones in natural lighting and environments, giving your family portraits a unique feel unlike that of store studios. For those who wish to learn techniques, Amanda is available for one-on-one or group tutoring. Gather a few friends and learn how to draw, paint, or take stunning photographs!

For information on pricing or sessions, e-mail Amanda at

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